Recently we were invited to a show during NYC Fashion week for Y Generation and Barth NY. Synobia Parks a publicist at The Legion Media Group sent us the email. Synobia has worked with major brands such as SXSW, AC3 and Art Basel, she’s also and entrepreneur. Check her company ‘Show Your Nice LLC’, it’s a booking & event management company formed in 2015. Big shouts to her for taking time out of her busy schedule to answer our questions.

Peace Synobia where’s home?

I am from Brooklyn, NY and currently living in Manhattan.

How did you get involved in the fashion show?

I was asked to get on board with House of BARTHOLOMEW and Y Generation as a PR and event Curator. I loved the whole production of the show, giving class and showing black excellence. I’m just so honored I was able to give them a successful show.

You’re not only a promoter, you also manage artists?

I am actually a Publicist however yes I do others things as well. I started in the underground music scene as an event curator and booking agent.

Are there enough hours in a day to do what you have to do, what’s a typical day like?

I truly believe in time management so yes! 7am wake up dance a bit, afterwards get into some kemetic yoga, than morning meetings. I like to time myself so I’ll be done with work anywhere from 2pm-5pm. Then I start my day, grab some lunch and attend events. I love to take the train because I can just sit there and write a whole press release lol.

How many events you do a year and what other services you offer?

Since Covid is a thing I switched over to PR since outside was closed. So the amount I used to do a year could be 4-6 now since 2019 I’ve probably done just 3 events and just been mastering the PR sector.

In what other ways has COVID changed the way you do business?

Actually Covid helped my business in a major way. I was able to sit down with myself and really master my craft and explore another career within the music industry which is PR.

What have your favorite or best events been, and what contributed to their success?

Wow! My favorite events I’ve ever done was Drip Jamboree. I did them every year. My vision for Drip Jamboree was like the black rave for us, I had a whimsical, cochlea vibe. I had acrobatics suspended in the air and light shows, oh man what a vibe. Plus I made a shit ton of money!

What are you working on now anything exciting for the future?

This year I am working on events again now that outside is open and I am so excited for it.

What keeps you motivated?

Ummm. That’s a great question, what keeps me motivated is really life , my family and friends. Also the lifestyle I want to live.

Last words or shout outs?

Sure! If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.

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IMAGE: Synobia Parks