Atlanta’s Indigo Phoenyx and Sacramento’s producer extraordinaire PA. Dre have teamed up to deliver a collaboration that’s pure heat through Amajin Records out of Siegen, Germany!

“The Conjuring” was hatched with menacing melodies and sinister soundscapes, courtesy of the queen of grimy herself, Indigo Phoenyx, and the beat sorcerer, PA. Dre. It’s a match made in boombap heaven?

This album isn’t just about the illest beats, it’s also packed with fire features from some iconic names in the game. Appearances by the legendary “Daddy O” of Stetsasonic, the rhyme slayer “Kill Ripkin,” the lyrical alchemist “Spoda,” the sirenic “Aida,” rap wizard “Eddie Kaine,” sharpshooter “XP The Marxman,” and the mystical “Y.N.X.”.

Originally released in 2020 as an EP, “The Conjuring” evolved into a full-fledged album in 2023, with four additional tracks. .

Behind the scenes production by the wizardly PA. Dre, lyrics and performances by lyricist Indigo Phoenyx, and mixing by the magical talents of Foul Al, Allah Preme, and Hilltop Productions.

The album’s artwork, crafted by Kris Blade, limited edition cassette and trading card artwork by Ether Pan for collector’s via Bandcamp.

No actual magic spells were cast in the making of this album. Or were they?


1. The Black Witch

2. The Ritual (feat. Spoda)

3. The Abbot (feat. Kil Ripkin)

4. Divine Deity

5. Crown Of Thorns

6. The Craft (feat. Aida)

7. Cauldron

8. Witches Prayer

9. From The Dirt (feat. Daddy O & M.O.W.E.)

10. Insane (feat. XP The Marxman & Eddie Kaine)

11. Compelling Spelling (feat. Y.N.X.)