Our friends over @ The Cypher Effect sent us this video “The Cypher Effect – 667 KULT “.

The video was dope and we thought we’d share it. This cypher encapsulates the throwback nature of hip hop music into its bare bones school yard rhyme schemes.

The multilayered bars infiltrate the cognition of the listening audience conveying efficient rhyming mechanisms with witty banter. The freestyles off-the-top were a prized commodity on this composition with artists putting forth unpredictable flows.

The lines are meticulous with metaphors that mesh in cohesion with the stanzas while maintaining a syncopated relationship varying from artist to artist. The 667 KULT executed as a collaborative effort that didn’t try to one up the competition – Rathe, it served as a ceremony of talented MCs..

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: The Cypher Effect