Meet Skinny Bonez Tha Godfatha a producer and DJ from The Netherlands, also founder of the hip hop crew Voodoo Docterz and part of LCOB (LCOB Netherlands). You might know him from his work with MC’s like 40 Cal., K-Rino, Jazz Fresh, Lex Starwind, or he’s projects with Tha Soloist, ILLtemper, G FAM BLACK or his instrumental works…

Your first experience with hip hop culture?

My first experience with REAL hip hop was around the time I was 10 years old. My father bought a Krumbsnatcha (Gangstarr Foundation) CD for me and around the same time I started checking Tupac’s music.

Is the hip hop scene big in your city?

I am from a town nearby the city of Nijmegen (in The Netherlands). The scene is Nijmegen is cool! It’s not too big, but it’s a good scene. Everyone knows each other and I think everyone respects each other.

I am not familiar with the rappers that are more mainstream oriented, but the underground hip hop scene is dope!

Who are some early hip hop pioneers from your area?

There is a group called F6 (Moris, Ketama & Ruys). They are, in my eyes, the pioneers from my area.

Name one track of your’s that never fails to rock a party? Favorites??

I ain’t too much into party hip hop haha, but my EP with Tha Soloist is defo a fan favorite. My EP’s with G Fam Black are also fan favorites.

It’s hard to pick a favorite track myself, since I work with a lot of talented MC’s. I am defo proud of my latest instrumental release ‘Nostalgic Chemistry 2’, which is a solo project.

Favorite club spaces, cypher spot(s) to rock in your city?

‘Het Alternatief’ and ‘De Onderbroek’ in Nijmegen are always great venues to host shows!

Do you crate dig an if so where is that gem spot for some D.I.T.C. in your town?

I defo dig in the crates! My favorite spot is ‘De Waaghals’ in Nijmegen. They are also located in the city of Arnhem!

Best place to cop some gear or sneakers in your city?

JD Sports or Snipes in Nijmegen I guess. They have pretty good deals from time to time.

Favorite emcee(s)?? Dj(s) Mixtapes??

Big Pun, MF Doom, Big L, Canibus, Ransom, Killah Priest.. too many to mention! Some favorite producers that inspired me as a producer are: Alchemist, DJ Muggs, RZA, DJ Premier, Marco Polo, J Dilla and many more.

Favorite DJs: DJ Premier, DJ Qbert, DJ Babu, DJ TMB and my bro Dystrakted. Peace to my bro Foreign Dialect as well, I learned a lot from him about DJ scratching!

Goals for the rest of the year?

Releasing my producers album and some dope EP’s as well! Hopefully I will also be able to host a release party or show again! The year is almost over, time flies!

I also hope to release a lot of great projects in 2022. Doing a show outside The Netherlands would also be dope in 2022!

Last words or shout outs??

Shout out to MRC for this interview and the continuous support on my music. Shout out to all the other sites/blogs and DJ’s as well.. too many to mention, but you guys know who you are! Make sure to check my latest EP with ILLtemper called ‘Bad Batch’!

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IMAGE: Skinny Bones Tha Godfatha