Today we are going to be doing another pre roll review. The one that we are going to try is The Soap pre roll by Minntz who have a partnership with Cookies.

As we have talked about before pre rolls they come in different sizes depending on what you are looking for. This pre roll came as one gram which is a bit bigger than some of the other ones you can get as the most popular are usually half gram (0.5 grams) pre rolls.

The Soap is a sativa-dominated hybrid (the site states indica) strain from crossing Animal Mints and Kush Mints together. The Soap is not known for having a crazy amount of THC in general but depending on who grows it that can change everything.

This strain is known for its more active day time high. This batch of The Soap pre rolls is 27.5% THC and less than 1% CBD. The terpene profiles that can be found in this flower are Caryophyllene, Limonène and Linalool.

The packaging the pre roll came in was easy to open and close. The tube did have a nice aroma from the flower inside.

I broke up the pre roll as usual and rolled it into a blunt. Now I was ready to smoke and see how this flower is.

The blunt smoked for around 20 minutes or so and had an interesting flavour while smoking as it was a bit intense as first. I did have to relight the blunt a few times but that wasn’t too big of a deal.

The blunt wasn’t too harsh which was nice and after smoking you could feel the high. My overall thought of The Soap pre roll is they are great for a quick smoke and chill high.

I think this would be better for the day time as the high is pretty mellow and more of a day time high for sure. I think people with a higher tolerance would maybe need at least two and those with a lower tolerance would enjoy the one gram pre roll with a friend or two.

I will keep an eye out for other pre rolls from Minntz and Cookies to see if they put out a one gram pre roll that would be great for smokers with a higher tolerance. We’ll see if that happens in the future and remember stay safe, be positive and enjoy what you are smoking!

By T-Will