I recently stumbled upon a collectible must have for any Beat Street or WildStyle fanatic – the Third Rail Ramo Beat Street custom Action Figure. However, luck may have run out for those eager to add this to their collection. I managed to snag mine on eBay, but it was the last available, and the company’s website says it’s sold out!

Do you remember that scene in Beat Street when Ramo catches Spit defacing his piece, only for it to end tragically with them both being electrified? It’s an iconic moment that left a lasting impression on many of us.

The sheer shock of witnessing Ramo’s confrontation with Spit, mixed with the dangers of subway writing culture, is slashed into the minds of heads worldwide. The film didn’t just entertain, it shed light on the realities and roughness of the streets.

Midnite Snacks Company has captured that moment in hip hop cinema history with their limited edition Third Rail Ramo Action Figure. Packaged in a nostalgic plastic & cardboard backing adorned with the Beat Street logo, this resin custom bootleg artisanal figure stands at 4 inches tall, but here’s the kicker, the figure appears to be burnt to a crisp, mirroring the fate of Ramo and Spit on that fateful night.

It’s a figure that sparks conversation. Is it a bad joke or in bad taste, or can you appreciate the creativity behind the piece?

For true classic hip hop heads, Beat Street isn’t just a movie, it’s a cultural marker. It shows the four pillars of hip hop – MCing, DJing, StyleWriting, and Bboying.

And let’s not forget the legendary soundtrack. Released in 1984, Beat Street was groundbreaking for its time, featuring performances by hip hop pioneers like Melle Mel and The Furious Five, The Treacherous Three (including Kool Moe Dee), the Rock Steady Crew, New York City Breakers, Doug E. Fresh, and many more.

Beat Street isn’t just about the music and dance, it’s about the struggles and sacrifices made by those who dared to challenge the status quo. Ramo’s tragic demise serves as a reminder of the dangers lurking in the streets, where one wrong move can have irreversible consequences.

Check out the Midnight Snack Company’s website here.

Post by La Mont Reed