Sound Killer is Tippa Lee’s newest single, released on Stones Throw Records out of Los Angeles. With this song, Tippa Lee is creating a new paradigm within his own genre, his unique delivery combines reggae, dub, Rasta gospel and rap into what could be the new negro spiritual at once conversational and danceable, it delivers the full package of body moving beats and thought provoking lyrics with question-and-answer style background vocals that continue to testify, echoing in your head long after the song has come and gone.

As the first single from the album Cultural Ambassador, it was released on May 10, 2016, and in just five short days it already had over 15,000 streams on Soundcloud. Although chosen as the single, it is buried in the sequence of the album like a deep cut at number ten: the final cut on the vinyl version, and aptly so as it would be a difficult track to follow up.

The song itself is powerful and anthemic, while bringing a certain element of unease into the proceedings, as it differs greatly from many of the other songs on the album. It plays on minor keys and dark tonalities, delivering an ominous and suspenseful feel and an edgy tension that doesn’t let up from downbeat to denouement. Simply put it commands your attention while keeping your body in motion and your listening instruments hyper-vigilant. There is an air of mystery shrouding it, like the low lying mist at the dawn of a new day, the beats and voices carried in on an ocean breeze, dense with the salt of the earth and sea.

It is a song soon to become a staple on turntables everywhere, with perfectly danceable rhythms, and subtle, dreamy sounds and beats that are destined to blend seamlessly with all kinds of rap, hip hop and underground bangers. Response has already been huge at the streaming level, and expected to go through the roof. If you are looking for a song that delivers the goods on many levels, Sound Killer is it.

It’s a whole lotta reggae and dub with a judicious helping of silver-tongued rap flows as only Tippa Lee can deliver. Straight out of Jamaica, where the Callaloo reigns supreme, it’s a scotch-bonnet hot number that is going to be sizzling up on playlists everywhere before your feet have a chance to hit the dance floor.

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ARTICLE: Astrid Young
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE:  Tippa Lee