Breaking out in the music scene is not as difficult as it once was. You can create a name for yourself online with a single viral video and some persistence. Consider these tips from MRC Promotions to help you make a little money as you await your big discovery.

Social media is where so many musicians have created a following for their music. Constant Contact notes that most platforms now offer live streaming, allowing you to play live for your followers and other viewers who pass by your page.

You can create incentives with your online posts, such as offering merchandise to people for sharing your page. You can even post ads displaying your music. Tiktok allows you to post videos with music, catching snips of your songs with videos to grab the attention of people scrolling through the app.

Your website is your home presence on the internet. Any following you create online or attention you grab from music executives will follow the trail from social media to your website.

You want to ensure it looks fresh and never outdated. For example, if you haven’t created a logo yet, you can design a logo online quickly. Then you’ll want to add it to your website and social media pages to create a brand. It will go on your merchandise and album covers, so make sure it is something that represents you.

By creating high-quality content that is relevant to your target audience, you can improve your website’s search engine ranking and draw more visitors to your site. In addition, by providing valuable information on your website, you can build trust and credibility with potential customers. For more tips on content creation and marketing, visit Cornerstone Content.

Play your music around town in cafes, bars, or just on the street. Becoming a local celebrity has benefits. People in your town will share your music online, follow your social media pages, and help you boost your online presence.

YouTube is an essential source for modern musicians. Social media platforms offer a voice for artists, but YouTube allows you to curate an image and share whatever you would like to share.

You can create videos that showcase your music and let people get to know you personally. That personal connection allows them to connect more with your music.

If you gain enough subscribers and get enough views, you can make a little extra money as well. Research cited by blogger Adam Enfroy shows you can make big money if you get involved with affiliate marketing and become a partner.

Being a full-time musician is not always very lucrative in the beginning, even when you’re playing gigs. Look for a side hustle to help you earn money as you work on your art.

Freelancing allows you to work on your own schedule. For example, you could offer private music lessons or teach a class. It doesn’t have to be music related. You could freelance as a writer, dog walker, or house sitter. You can do as many jobs as you need or have time to do.

Think about turning your teaching ventures into a small business. For example, you could open a studio where people can come for classes. Create a business plan that details your company, the services you will provide, financial projections for the company’s future, and funding options.

Make sure you choose a business structure that best suits your business needs. Many entrepreneurs choose to run their businesses as a limited liability company (LLC) due that structure’s tax advantages, flexibility, and protection of personal assets. Make sure to research the best LLC services to pick a formation service that is both affordable and is able to provide ongoing support.

You may have moments when you feel trying to pursue a music career while working is too much. Often your only way to push through is to remember your passion for music.

If you can hang onto that passion, you’ll make it eventually. Remember to utilize social media, update your website, play at local venues, and form an LLC if you decide to launch your own business.

By Elijah Dawson

Image via Pexels