It was May 25th, 2020 when George Floyd was murdered in Minnesota. The whole world watched horrified as police killed him.

Even though only one of George Floyd’s killers has been convicted, tragically not much has changed. Perfectly capturing the frustration, anger and energy that we’re all feeling. Enough is Enough” is a social injustice anthem as well as a call to action!

‘Enough is Enough’ is the first single from Tokyo Vic x Tokyo Reem from the up coming project, Tokyo Vic Presents Story of the People, an album in three chapters. Although they come from very different backgrounds, these two brothers collaborated to create a song that is destined to become a conscious hip- hop classic.

‘Enough is Enough’ featuring Tokyo Reem x Tokyo Vic, available now on your preferred digital streaming provider!

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ARTICLE: Zenobia Simmons
IMAGE: Enough is Enough