In this interview we present Tommy The Animator. After a recent exhibition (The Foundation album release party), we reached out to get know a little bit more about the artist. His work ranges from multicolored geometric patterns to pop surrealism to animated 3D art video. We find out how he got his start in the art business and more..

Peace Tommy The Animator where’s home?

Harlem is home but the birthplace is the upper west-side.

How did you get that name?

Rampage of the “Flipmode Squad” he said it once and it stuck like glue.

How did you get the cover of The Foundation Album?

Being close friends with Ice linked me and Marc Live. Me and Marc got really cool and it was history from there.

What was your first project for Ice T?

The first project with Ice T was of his 2018 “Body Count” Album. I worked on the promo trailer and then a video for a song titled “The Sky mask Way” it can be seen on youtube.

You started doing B-day cards while you where locked up? Can you explain?

When I was in the feds I did a a lot of art from Tattoos to cards and art on envelopes. It made me realize the passion I really had for art. So when I finally got released i just kept following that passion and here we are.

How was the party for the cover art release? Where was it?

The album release party was insane. The energy level was through the roof its always a pleasure to bring people in a room from different walks of life to enjoy art and the love of people that’s the real payment. It was at Mana- Contemporary out in Jersey City at Gary Lichtenstein Editions.

Whats next for you?

Me and Ice T have launched an animation studio together called “Finalmation Studios” and we are working a an animated series that is going to be a game changer.

Thoughts on the industry selling $100 million paintings of street artists like Basquiat.. Jeff Koons just sold a sculpture for $91 million?

Its all a hustle and getting your work seen by the right people. I think its good that artist are being recognized and compensated for the work ethic they put in. Without art it would be impossible to promote any product on the market.

If you could work with any artist out there today who would it be?

The list is long but if I can pick two it would be Retna and an artist named Thierr Bruet out of Paris..

Last words or shout outs??

Thanks to Zenobia Simmons for the constant love and this plug and to my wife for the motivation to keep picking myself up when i fall and all the people who support me on this journey..

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Tommy The Animator