Meet B-girl and Japanese teacher/translator Konatsu Yamasa. Recently she caught international attention making it to the BC One E-Battle round sixteen in 2020. Originally from Japan she moved to Canada in 2016 to train and pursue a career as a professional B-Girl.

First hip hop experience and how did you become a B-girl?

I started breakdancing at my university. My friend was a bboy and he taught me the basics. Also I saw a dance showcase at the University festival and I joined a dance club in the school.

Is the scene in Toronto big? Who are the biggest names or crews?

I say it’s not big. But I like it smaller because it’s nice and cozy haha. Bboy Onton, lllz and Styx are members from Toronto and are part of the strongest crew in Canada. And my crew Super Naturals has a big name in the world and a long history in hip hop.

Do you have a favorite event that you perform in regularly?

I used to perform for at the baseball stadium for the major league before the pandemic. I liked it because of the big audience and they always enjoy our performance!

Did you have a place to dance during lockdown?

I practiced in the living room. It was good to train my power move control. I wasn’t used to dancing in a tight spot. So it made me learn more control.

Favorite spot in your city to see Bboys/Girls??

I love a public session. Luckily Toronto city runs some breakdance drop in session at community centre. These sessions have alot of local dancers and it is really fun to share and exchange.

Any big news or anything exciting we should know about?

Break dancing will be an Olympic sport in Paris 2024!! We are training for the Olympics!

Favorite spot(s) to munch in your town?

I love coffee and pastries. There are lots of cafes and bakeries in Toronto. Especially in the Kensington market, there are many good spots. And I like Krispy Kreme donuts.

Favorite place to by some gear online or shop?

I usually don’t buy clothes or shoes online… but most Nike spots got fresh gear as always!!

Is there anything you would change about the culture of breaking?

I like the culture fashion and the way we gather and dance now. I don’t want it to change! But I hope there are more jams!

Last words or shout outs?

I am honored to be interviewed. Please check My Instagram.. hope I see you around soon Thank you!

NIKE – Konatsu Yamasa (Play New) from Alimzhan Sabir on Vimeo.

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IMAGE: Konatsu Yamasa