Some wear their ego on the chest and some let it shine with every single step they take.

TRIBECA has returned with his ego in tow with bars like “Henry Hudson, no toll we Reggae Gold, Dance Hall, Shabba Ranks – Trail a Load”. If that line doesn’t immediately captivate you, the track “My Ego” has a smooth but aggressive beat that The Beca Man produced himself and it will surely have you dialed in.

My Ego is both Hard but Smooth, both Witty but Serious as each verse tackles topics like an adult club goer who might think spending money on his/ her favorite pole dancer may lead to something more only to be left with his / her ego in hand.

Another verse talks about a Woman with a plan to “come up” by trying to trap a celebrity ball player with pregnancy only to find out her ego was the only thing to get impregnated by the Baller.

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