DXST (Illegal Version) is an eclectic mix of tracks featuring some of the UK’s finest emcees.

Veteran UK producer, Zoutr, is proud to present his Deluxe album DXST (Illegal Version). The deluxe album builds on Zoutr’s debut solo release, featuring 11 minutes of previously unheard extended beats and samples. DXST (Illegal Version) is a bold and original project which showcases Zoutr’s skill and embodies his ability to challenge the confines of genres.

Having spent the best part of the last two decades as one half of Nottingham production duo, The Elementz, Zoutr is no stranger to the UK scene, in hip hop and beyond.

His forte for sample heavy, often moody beats come to the fore on this new project, which ostensibly serves as both an introduction and a showcase. Part beat tape, part rap record, DXST deluxe brings a much-needed feeling of hope within the bounds of its short runtime.

Despite the solo nature of the production, it’s not a one man show throughout, as Zoutr brings in some of his favourite Nottingham MCs to make a potent blend.

The standout track ‘LKSTP’ featuring Shivaz and 17th Assassin fuses layers of haunting harmonies to narrate a social commentary on his outlook of the world and the injustices that exist, referencing, Black Lives Matters, war, and religion.

DXST (Illegal Version) is out now.

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