Going to NYC and getting weed is not an issue. Sometimes you show up and your link isn’t around. Well this happened to me on my last trip to NYC while chilling in the Bronx. Not the ideal situation, but smoking a few blunts on a short visit is always a good time.

My buddy and I were going to an art show in Manhattan. While walking I noticed a dispensary close to where the show was. I was able to get a HQ (3.5g) for $45 USD. Now this is crazy expensive for something I could get back home for next to nothing.

I was able to roll a few blunts during my trip, but the weed wasn’t anything special. While at the show I noticed someone showing someone I know a bunch of different weed products.

We all go outside to smoke some blunts and joints and I end up buying one of the Jetpacks pre rolls for $20 USD. Now this is expensive as well, but I have never tried this before and they looked and was told this was the strongest.

After the show ends my friend and I go back to the, Bronx to the hotel. I sparked up the pre roll on our walk back and there are two things you notice right away is the amazing taste and smell.

This pre roll was 1 gram infused with cannabis oil, terpenes, kif and a proprietary high THCA extract. Even my friend who doesn’t smoke said it was smelling good.

The joint burned very quickly and the high was a mild one. Upside down pineapple cake is a sativa dominant hybrid cross between Pineapple trainwreck and Cookie monster. This pre roll also contains THCA which stands for Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid. This is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis.

THCA has many medical properties and can help with issues such as pain, inflammation, arthritis and seizures to name a few. The one thing I did love about this pre roll was the smell.

It really did smell like candy and the glass container it came in was dank in that smell. Even after smoking the pre roll I would open the container just to smell it as that’s how good it was.

My personal thought of this pre roll is I wish there was more flower in it. Other than that the taste and smell was amazing and something I think others would enjoy smoking. I think Upside down pineapple cake infused pre roll by Jetpacks is a good pre roll to try.

If you have a high tolerance you might want to get a few of them to smoke. If that doesn’t sound like you share one with a few friends and you’ll have a good one. Till the next cannabis review stay safe and enjoy another session!

By Toronto Will