What’s good Levi, what was your first experience with hip hop?

My first experience with Hip Hop was when I was on the school bus and a friend played me the song “Hard Times by RUN-DMC on a big old boombox.

You have your own label?

Yes my lil vanity label is called Ithacan Records after my hometown of Ithaca, NY.

What are you currently working on any new releases? Shows?

I am currently promoting “My Ride“ and I’m working on a new song that of course I am excited about… I do not have a plan to release any more music Eps or albums yet until I am done working “my ride”. I’m working on booking a show with DJ Chubby Chub as my DJ or possibly Dj Thoro and DJ Chubby Chub. That one’s a cliffhanger…

As a white/female emcee what are some of the challenges or hardships you’ve had to overcome in the game?

Well initially I got bashed by the white rock community so when I started being around hip-hop it was like open arms, welcoming me! So my challenge there was with the rock community, not hip-hop.
The other thing was some sexual harassment type behavior. A real challenge was making enough money to live and pay bills as well as saving money for showcases in NYC.

I remember performing my original music at a block party on 159th St. up in Washington Heights NYC, and when I took the stage there were deafening boo’s from the audience. But by the time I got off the stage they all wanted my Cds! Also Almost everybody laughed when I said that I rhymed, but when they heard me that attitude changed.

Have you experienced racism or harassment from the po po?

No Po po harassment but sexual harassment And mean looks from black women as me and my boyfriend walked by. My boyfriend also got dirty looks from white men who sometimes spewed hateful words at us…

Your thoughts on the protests?

I think that the protests are essential and I’m just sorry that so many white people I know do not understand the concept Black Lives Matter. Protesting police brutality which stems from slavery is brave and so necessary. Many other groups of people have been awarded reparations, and I am waiting for reparations to come to Black people.

That needs to happen. Period. God love Protesters ! Colin Kaepernick was ahead of the game in the way he used his platform. I stand up against white supremacy anytime I see it happening and i use my white privilege to speak up and speak out. I also appreciate people who demonstrate and protest against Donald Trump and his World-ruining policies!

How has quarantine life affected you?

I stayed at home a lot before anyway, but with COVID-19 of course I’m at home a little more. I really only leave to buy groceries and I wear two masks and gloves. I’m also considering wearing goggles out in public because Dr. Anthony Fauci said that if you have Eye coverings you should wear them.

So life is not all that different for me although I probably watch too much news which makes me cry. But I’m working out more so that’s good so life is not all that different for me. But I’m working out more so that’s good and I’m working more in my ProTools LE music software on new songs and ideas more and more!

Favorite sneakers?

Tall crispy air force ones…

Last hip hop song you had on repeat?


Last words or shout outs?

Shout outs to my producer Baby Paul/ BpZy, Dj Thoro, Dj Chubby Chub, Dj Sincere, Badiene Magaziner vocal coach, The Van Keeto Show, Dj Tony Crush and Grandmaster Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers, RIP Lord Yoda X of Zulu nation!

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