Hailing from Toronto, Canada, aspiring beat maker Json Born is actively establishing himself as a pivotal member of the new generation of Lo-Fi beat creators. His gift for sample selection and manipulation shines bright on his debut album aptly named, First Lite.

Json grew up listening to classic east coast producer legends like DJ Premier, Pete Rock, HI-Tek and J Dilla. There is a feeling conveyed in the music itself that confirms Json’s love for the greats. First Lite pay homages to the original masterminds, while also acknowledging more recent influences like Joji, Bishop Nehru, and STLNDRMS.

“Young, hungry, and growing”, are just a few words that J uses to describe himself. In taking the advice of a friend who overheard a beat Json was working on, he decided to share his art with the world, and the rest of us are better for it.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Json Born