Phoenixville, PA’s own Vanderslice is back with a brand-new batch of beats that hit harder than a sleazy cop show chase scene.

Dark, moody, and funkier than ever, “Mustache Funk” dropped on Bandcamp just in time for the producer’s birthday on September 1st.

Confucius once said, “A man without a mustache is a man without soul.” Well, Vanderslice’s beats have so much soul; you might just grow a mustache listening to them!

Vanderslice decided to spice things up with some special guest appearances from the homies, including Ty Farris, Waterr, Rigz & Mooch from Da Cloth, and Cuse Williams, the People’s Emcee.

“Mustache Funk” is a collection of detective show, private eye, and custom-made soundtracks that’ll have you feeling like you’re the star of your very own feature thriller.

Vanderslice handled the production on all tracks, but he had a little help on some of them. Moonbyrd lent a hand on tracks 2, 4, 10, 13, and 14, while Statis and Savilion joined forces for tracks 12 and 18. Motif Alumni also got in on the action, co-producing track 5.

So go ahead imagine high-speed chases, and maybe even growing a mustache of your own!


1. Intro 00:41

2. Crack Of Dawn Raids 02:46

3. 100% Hustler 02:15

4. Phoenxiville Five O 02:13

5. Yellow Tape & Forensic Teams – ft. Ty Farris 02:29

6. Barnaby Jones Flow 02:05

7. Poolside Killing 01:37

8. The Murdering Class 01:26

9. Ron Swanson PSA 00:32

10. Mystery Cycle 01:43

11. Alkaline Knockouts – ft Rigz & Mooch 02:12

12. The Hustlers Code 02:55

13. Patent Leather Wave Cap 03:10

14. Rollie Fingers Flow 00:50

15. Frank Thomas – ft WateRR 02:02

16. Sand Castle Champion 01:22

17. Big Kahuna Surfing 01:00

18. The War Of Art 01:57

19. Moshpit – ft Cuse Williams 03:06