“The Invisible Man” Vice Souletric returns with his second single from the forthcoming “Vice 4 President” LP slated for 2022 release. on the United Grind label. The song titled, “The Invisible Man,” is produced by the Detroit Boom Bap king, Apollo Brown.

This Midwest connection creates a banger that finds Vice speaking directly to God explaining how he perceived the higher power through childhood into adulthood, along with the various ways religion has been transformed over time all while leading back to the same truths.

Souletric has never been one to shy away from enlightening topics and continues to provide a new perspective to established norms.

“Apollo Brown provided the perfect beat for me to open up on the topic of God. I think it is a universal theme that everyone can relate to. Though in many ways, religion divides us, I aimed to break down and simplify the concept to reveal it connects us more than separates us.”

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IMAGE: Vice Souletric