Please join us on Saturday, September 5, 2020 at 12 p.m. Eastern for a unique book launch experience. The virtual release event will uplift Muhammad Ali’s legacy through the lens of a powerful memoir written by Dr. Abuwi Madhi.

As the late boxing legend’s confidant and business manager, Dr. Mahdi spent 13 years with Muhammad Ali traveling around the world to 42 countries and over 400 cities.

Within the pages of this incredible new book, Muhammad Ali, The Untold Story: Skin Color Cannot Think or Reason, Muhammad Ali’s greatest moments of fear, courage, happiness, sadness, and stress are explored. There’s also endless stories of beautiful memories wrapped in touching moments of the charismatic humor Muhammad Ali was so lovingly known for.

The virtual book launch is free to everyone, and it will feature excerpts and chapters read by some of the brightest voices including Dr. E. Faye Williams, Esq., National President of the National Congress of Black Women; Leslie Small, Ph.D., film producer and director; Dr. Jesse J. Hargrove, Associate Professor of Spanish at Philander Smith College, and Christopher Small, anti-terrorism specialist and President and CEO of FutureTemp, Inc. Moderated by cultural historian and tech entrepreneur Tasha Digital, the book event is a chance to ask Dr. Madhi questions about his life, his experience with Ali and his philosophy.

The foundation of Dr. Mahdi’s life are his deep, spiritual beliefs. While explaining exactly how he managed to balance his faith with the high-pressure demands of working with such a powerful icon like Ali, Dr. Mahdi also unveils many life lessons that apply to everyone, regardless of race or religion. Muhammad Ali, The Untold Story is a tome that manages to simultaneously be light years ahead of its time and timeless.

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“In the 13 years that I worked with Ali, I witnessed his, as well as my own, growth and development. It was sometimes painful and regretful, but it was a process that was necessary for our human development. I can look back now and appreciate our experiences together. It is only in appreciation that we discover love and true value. Muhammad Ali would say, ‘It is one thing to know oil is in the earth, but it is another thing to know how to extract the oil from the earth for the benefit and service of man.’” ~ Dr. Abuwi Mahdi

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ARTICLE: Tasha Digital
IMAGE: Dr. Mahdi