In this interview with Big Homie Poet, the visionary behind central Florida’s “WE GOT BARZ” we cover its inception to its evolution in the city of Winter Park’s underground hip-hop scene.

What inspired you to start organizing rap showcase cyphers in Winter Park, FL?

This is our 1st since 2020 we were scheduled for a show at Austin’s then COVID happened so we are finally making our way back.

How has “We Got Barz” evolved over the past five years?

We Got Barz has evolved from starting out with a string of show dates, 40 shows in 2019 with a computer, PA system and 3 mics, it has evolved into what the vision has always been a production style show with an online version between live shows featuring music videos, in studio performances and interviews.

Can you share any highlights or memorable moments from past cypher events?

Memorable moments include meeting K SOLO at our very 1st show and hearing him tell us we’re on the right path with keeping the culture alive and also hosting Lost Boyz camp member Bobby Garcia.

What can attendees expect from this year’s anniversary cypher in terms of performances, guest appearances, or special features?

Attendees can expect a high energy show full of real hip hop with OG HIP HOP heads and the new generation of artists performing and bringing the heat. Guest appearances include DJ MEGA from the Orlando area and PenGame Classic a Michigan emcee that has tapped in for support.

How do you select artists to participate in your events?

Having built a network and always constantly looking for new artists that can bring value to the show and elevate the overall vibe of the show.

How did you choose the location? How is the Coffee? What’s good on the menu??

Market research showed me that Austin’s was a pretty popular spot for hip hop in Orlando and we wanted to make our mark in that area and music scene since there is appreciation of hip hop culture and love for real emcees. Haven’t had the coffee or food but I hear it’s good they have vegan options too which is important as I’m approaching 10 years vegan in June.

What role do you see “We Got Barz” playing in the local hip-hop community?

WE GOT BARZ is definitely a gate way platform in a sense as many out of state artists and artists moving to Florida are looking for ways to break into the music scene here. We offer a stage and a way to create content network and grow.

How do you promote your events and what are some hurdles you face as a promoter??

I promote my events through IG. ARTISTS performing at the shows are highly encouraged to promote as well hurdles can include being more than a promoter as I am the sole organizer of the shows. I’m responsible for sound and making sure everything is in working order and ready to go..

What do you hope attendees take away from the experience of attending the anniversary?

Take a ways from the show I just hope that they see we represent hip hop in its purest form and see WE GOT BARZ!

Last words or shouts outs??


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IMAGE: “We Got Barz”