Today we are going to try something new from a place I haven’t tried before. For this review we will be trying White Widow Live Rosin by Origami Extraction who are located in Quebec, Canada.

They are also going with a solventless approach with making their products which not every place does.

Now it has been quite a while since I had the strain White Widow. I feel like it was a strain I saw more back in high school and college.

So it was nice when I saw this and knew I had to try it since it’s been a while since I’ve last smoked it. White Widow is for sure a classic and worldwide famous strain that goes back to the 1990’s in Europe.

The strain White Widow was grown in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. Even saying the name will get some old school stoners all excited with their lighters ready.

White Widow depending on where you look or read can say it’s a sativa-dominated hybrid or a balanced hybrid. This strain is interesting because the parents that were cross to make White Widow are landraces (Pure cannabis strains that grew naturally).

White widow is a cross from a Brazilian sativa landrace strain and a high resin South Indian indica landrace strain. This batch of White Widow Live Rosin is 86.1% THC and less than 1% CBD.

There is a total of 9.36% terpenes with the terpene profiles being Trans-Nerolidol (2.192%), β-Caryophyllene (1.804%), β-Myrcene (1.178%) and α-Pinene (1.112%).

The packaging the concentrate came in was very easy to open and close which can be an issue sometimes. The White Widow Live Rosin looked great and had an amazing colour to it.

The first and last dab I took were pretty intense and gave me a body buzz where I had to take a few seconds to gather myself. The taste was that classic White Widow flavour with pleasant earthy notes to it.

My overall thought on the White Widow Live Rosin by Origami Extraction is that they did a great job on a true classic. The high is not overwhelming by any means but it’s the uplifting chill high where you want to be creative and do things.

This is something I would smoke while drawing all night while listening to music. I feel this product would be great for both people with high or low tolerances.

I will for sure be looking out and trying more of Origami Extraction’s products when I can. So you can expect a few more reviews of their products in the future from me.

As always everyone no matter where you are stay safe, be positive and enjoy what you are smoking.

By T Will