How long have you been emceeing/rapping?

I’ve been rapping since I heard that “Thong song” by Sisqo in 1998, so I guess for a little while. To be honest, rapping and singing was always a family affair. My brothers and sisters and I would do freestyle parody raps for fun.

I didn’t really end up doing it independently until I got into writing poetry when I was a teen. If writing didn’t make me feel better, performing my poetry always did.

What’s the underground hip hop scene like in Windsor?

Good question. It’s a small city so not too many shows are thrown here. I’ve thrown a show and have spotlighted many diverse rap artists. The Show was called WVO (Windsor’s Very Own). I wouldn’t say Windsor has a homogeneous or thriving underground scene, but it’s here.

How does living on the border of USA Detroit affect you as an artist, why haven’t we heard more hip hop from Windsor??

The border being closed has definitely hampered most artist’s ability to do shows in the States, but I have a visa so luckily for me I can pass as I please and connect freely. I am usually in the states for Business inquiries and work.

We definitely have some Artists from Windsor in the hiphop space, not necessarily “Rappers”, We got Mansuki, Richy Nix, 4twnty, Jared Anthony. They blowin up!

Above Spectres in the window

Craziest experience at a show or event?

Maybe not the craziest thing that has ever happened to me in a show, but the first time I ever performed for the high school play as Seaweed for the Hairspray Musical. This 4 year old girl asked me for my autograph. I was so surprised anyone would want any memento from my little performance. That moment really stuck with me.

Do you do collabs, can artists contact you?

I haven’t done collabs yet, but I’m definitely open to it. I’m hyper focused in developing my artistry and prominence in the industry. I am really interested in connecting when I have developed my style.

Any shows coming up?

Unfortunately due to covid it has been difficult to schedule a show. But we are in the process of booking for shows and events early 2022.

Fools in the Shade – Album Cover

Favorite spots to see and hear hip hop in Windsor?

RockStar Music Hall is definitely the best place to check out new rap events. They do Weddings, Celebrations, Theatre, Dinner Shows, Corporate Events, Trade Shows, Fundraisers, Memorials and much more.

Favorite spot(s) in your for food?

Depends. If we are talking evening dinners, ain’t no better place than the Casino Buffet. You will get all of your fanciness, food choices, and service from the Casino buffet. If we talkin Breakfast places then you gotta go to Toast.

I’ve gotten into verbal arguments at dt Windsor with shordies about how well we know the owner from Toast. By the way, I won the argument. It was me, Imma day one Toast fan when it was still on Dougall, before it moved to Erie Street.

Goals for the rest of the year?

Well the only goal I have as of now is to put out a hit (sounds boring but it’s true). For this year or next year. But on a microlevel, just being more focused on my process of creating a song and marketing it.

I am absolutely obsessed with the idea of finding the perfect process to everything, how to live, how to love, how to make money, and how to be successful in music.

My overarching goal on top of getting a hit is to participate in a lifestyle where I can make the most cutting edge music, and create a following. If I perfect the steps I know these goals will be met in no time. That is what I am focused on.

Last words or shouts?

I will never give up.

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