Ahead of their new studio album ‘Out Past Curfew’ dropping later this year, rappers Youthstar (UK) and Miscellaneous (France) are back with single No 2 ‘Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps’.

Produced by Cœur Nwar (duo composed by Atom from C2C /Beat Torrent and Rezo from Rezinsky), this new track of YOUTHSTAR & MISCELLANEOUS is a pure, powerful, and catchy Hiphop/electro banger dedicated to all sneaker lovers.

The track comes with a music video where the 2 UK MCs show off their huge sneakers collection, and take care of their shoes as if it were their own kids…

As they said: “Some call it a passion, I call it a vice!”

Another taste of their explosive upcoming album, which drops via Chinese Man Records October 2021!

Sneakers, Kicks, Trainers, Creps is out now…

Youthstar – Instagram
Miscellaneous – Instagram
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IMAGE: Youthstar