Rap wunderkind, Ben “Benjiphonik” Stewart of Riverside CA, former Songhammer duo-front man, is accused of stealing Hip Hop. According to the rapper, his new Alternative Hip Hop EP, ‘We Stole Hip Hop’, is going to be “As big as Big Daddy Kane, and as sweet as Salt-N-Pepa,” but lawmakers are questioning Benjiphonik’s use of “Wicked Phat Beats.”

This 5 song EP features a wide range of styles within the alt Hip Hop genre, and as Benjiphonik has stated, “I’m leaning heavily on the 90’s Boom Bap era of Hip Hop, but I am not afraid of a little live instrumentation in the mix!” These jams are all lighthearted, and full of the same cheeky wit that people have come to expect from Stewart’s music. Authorities are still debating on whether or not to detain Benjiphonik on charges of “Grand Theft Audio.”

The Benjiphonik EP, “We Stole Hip Hop,” will be released digitally, one song per month, through October 2019, with the title track, We Stole Hip Hop, released as the first single on June 4th via iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, etc. In November 2019 the full 5 song CD will be released, for the holidays, through CD Baby. Music videos are currently in production, with the online premiere of the music video for the song, We Stole Hip Hop, on August 28th.

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ARTICLE: Benjiphonik
EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Benjiphonik