The gift of sound transcends all barriers of division. Black History and The African American experience is commemorated every February however the experience is shared three hundred and sixty- five days a year.

In his latest release, Judah Tha Prince captures the Black American experience in sound. Accompanied by upcoming crooner Kayci Amour who delivers a melodic overlay to the record fittingly titled Black American.

Judah Tha Prince, commonly known to the world as Krumbsnatcha offers an insight through his energetic vocals on being an enemy of the state, a citizen of a country that has racism and inequality embedded in its society. This is a song of upliftment and commemoration for all those who have fallen or been a victim of racial inequality and oppression.

Black American is now available on all streaming platforms as well as bandcamp.

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ARTICLE: Justis Calderon
IMAGE: Judah Tha Prince