This track is full of Street anticics and word play, produced by Juxx Diamondz. The Back and Forth format of this song inspired the title “Shaq and Penny” a well known powerhouse duo from the NBA Golden Era. Along with the conceptual theme and murky beat you get a head banging Raekwon and Ghostface type vibe.

With a recent resurgence of love for that Real New York Boom Bap Hip Hop you most definitely gotta check this out. Juxx Diamondz has worked with many big names in Hip Hop which gave him a lot of real life experience not only in the hood but in the N Y music scene being from Brownsville and all.

Ledger comes with those conscious lyrical bars yet it’s still in your face Hardcore at the same time. So the combination of these two original New York MCs no doubt makes a definite Banger. This one for the real heads guaranteed Back Block Music Group is repping for that Original Hip Hop.

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ARTICLE: Juxx Diamondz
IMAGE: Juxx Diamondz