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With an album release party for “Mind Of A Man” held at PaperBox NYC, and newly guest appearance on Rap Is Out of Control (SiriusXM), east coast artist Justo The MC is making moves. Justo tells us about growing up in BK around legends, working with Dj Premier, and making beats with his producer Maticulus.

Peace Justo, where’s home?

Peace fam, home is Brooklyn, NY.. in a section called East NY. I was born & raised out there.
Currently moved out to Jersey a few years ago but New York is forever my home.

How long have you been emceeing?

I have been rhyming for about 15 years now. Started when I was around the age of 15. High School days. Been a legitimate artist( actively releasing music, videos, & doing live performance) for a little over 10 years.

Who does your PR do you have a team?

Currently, I do everything as far as PR is concerned, but that’s not my lane so I’m working on building a support group in that field.

Coming from BK do you have any stories you could share of some famous emcees??

I don’t have any specific stories of any famous emcees, mostly because all the emcees I grew up listening to are much older than myself. I have had the pleasure of meeting quite a few of my idols & NY emcees through DJ Premier who I worked closely with for several years. I’ve met Nas, Lloyd Banks, DMX, Joey Badass, M.O.P, etc. so a bunch of New York rappers, legends & current stars. Mainly through that connection with Preem & my ex-manager, cousin & O.G DJ Vic Black of the GangStarr Foundation.

Who makes your beats?

My current main producer is Maticulous out of Pittsburgh, PA. He’s currently living in New York.
We put out a project together called “Mind Of A Man”. We’re also working on an EP & second album. That’s my dude forreal. Outside of Maticulous I have a few producers I work exclusively with. The Lost Info (Old Man 80zz, Futurewave & Blanxx) from Toronto, Jay.Soul from The Netherlands, Daryl Donald out of Scotland & DK from Nova Scotia just to name a few.

Any new music we should checkout?

I have a bunch of new music coming, but I’ll keep it under raps until it materializes. For sure myself & Maticulous have new things in the works, as well Old Man 80zz from Lost Info. Y’all can check my two most recent joints here.

Do collabs?? Can other artists contact you??

I don’t typically do collabs anymore, mainly because I’m overworked & underpaid. Just being honest. I get a lot of producers asking to work together, couple rappers but with all the work I’m already doing it gets kind of too much for too little. I’m always writing, always working on something so collabs are really case by case for me.

Shows coming up?

I just finished headlining a showcase for a company called MajorStage out here in New York, but currently looking to tour with Maticulous on our album “Mind Of A Man”. Nothing set in stone yet.

Your goals for the rest of 2019?

My goals for the year are touring like I mentioned above, putting out at least 3 more albums for the year and put out some great visual. I’m really looking to expand my fan base & build my relevance in the music world.

Last words or shouts??

Shouts to my squad Fly Foreva. My bro’s Rico Fly & BB Writewell. Shouts to my bro maticulous, go check out the album “Mind Of A Man”. Finally shouts to my beautiful daughters, Elisa & Noa and my lovely partner in life Noelle. Thanks for taking the time to holla at me & much love to MRCNNLIVE.COM.

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