Clean and snappy, “Da La La” is proof that Doc Freeman is a master of the groove beat. The drum loop is solid, the synth track is hot, and there are even a few surprise changes to the rhythm in important parts of the track. The flute loop stands out in this mellow vibe.

Doc Freeman does not disappoint with the beats all day. “Fire Power” has a back beat with an intense and reflective piano track throughout. I can’t believe that this track has not been picked up and used in a current hip hop single. The bass line/ drum combo is infective. True to form, there are a few unexpected changes that add to the mystery.

Based in New Jersey, Doc Freeman latest album is called “Hidden in Plain Sight Vol 1.” You can catch the streaming “Doc Freeman Show” online or check out the Soundcloud links below.

Doc Freeman – Website | Twitter | Soundcloud
Stainless Management – Facebook | Twitter
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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Doc Freeman