Today we meet the Quantum Leap Radio djs/hosts who are bringing some dope boom bap, classic rap, current under and above ground hip hop music & interviews to Houston’s KPFT 90.1 FM’s airwaves!

Hello Quantum Leap Radio thanks for taking time out for this interview where you from?

GRANDfathercloc was born in Greenville M.S. but raised in Houston (Alief southwest). Dopeako Jones is from the Bay Area.

How did Quantum Leap Radio come about?

The show is a labor of love that in a sense started years ago. GRANDfathercloc was on a show Late Nite Snax (90.1fm KPFT Houston from 2004-2006). After its cancellation the thought was how can I continue providing Hip-Hop that is usually overlooked until it becomes “trendy.” So since 2006 there was an effort to first organize my personal music and gather this arsenal of radio edited music, to be ready for when I could get back on the radio. In that time I was able to guest host on a couple of shows to stay sharp.

In 2016 my friend Flash Gordon Parks came to me about an opportunity to do a show on 90.1 FM again but on the HD2 side. This option was mentioned back in 2006 but at that time an HD show would have had even more of a challenge to get folks to listen than we had for Late Nite Snax on the main station from 2-4 AM.

This time around I was motivated to take the show because with a society that stays on their phones and most audio and visual entertainment is on demand I felt that the show would work. Thus Quantum Leap Radio was born and the title was something that I had on my mind for about a decade. Much like the 80’s T.V. show you never know where “the music” might take you. The past, the present or possibly the future.

Your different roles at the station?

I am the creator of the show and also produce and for the most part, music director. Dopeako Jones is the co-host who comes up with a majority of the topics discussed during talk breaks.

How do you get the music you play?

The music comes from my personal library that has been collected over 25 years. For new music we have been fortunate to build connections but more importantly respect from people online who provide us with music as well as promotional entities that still serve independent and college radio.

One of our most notable email promoters comes from D.J. Premier who sends us exclusive music once its ready for radio consumption. Our most humbling music comes from folks who send us tracks because they have caught wind of the show and would like to get their music in our playlist. We always guarantee a listen but won’t guarantee a play. That being said we have come across some very good artist who have also supported the show.

You take request?

We definitely take request if we have the music on deck. More importantly if it fits the show.

What are some popular tracks in rotation?

Currently the most popular tracks in rotation are Czarface & Ghostface Killah’s ‘Face Off,’ Tiye Phoenix feat. Queen Herawin & StaHHr ‘Kill Bill 3,’ Black Thought ‘Conception.’

Any stand out moments on the job? Setbacks?

The stand out moments for the show have been interviews that took place in the studio which we deem “The Secret Lab” another ode to the 80’s T.V. series. There was an interview with Marley Marl and Grandmaster Dee (Whodini) where they were scheduled to come in and made it in the last thirty minutes for a good discussion. Daddy-O (Stetsasonic) was another highlight as he gave us so many stories and history about the early days of Hip-Hop.

Setbacks are more trying to get in front of the Tribe of people who appreciate the music without all the antics and want to know more about the history of the music. It’s a challenge I knew would happen but welcome it as we still have much to do.

In your opinion what makes you different from other radio programs?

We are different in the mission statement as well as the content. We give a lot of music a chance but we are not stuck on appeasing anyone. We are not restricted to our local area or the United States for that matter, or underground music, or mainstream music.

It is simply an amalgamation of Hip-Hop that we feel folks should hear and not neglect. Outside of the music we talk about current issues that may or may not involve hip-hop. I listen to a lot of shows be it podcast or radio and feel it is necessary to not only play the music but document the times we are living in should future ears listen back to us.

Where do you see yourself 5 yrs from now?

In five years I want the show to be a place people around the world know they can rely on and artist will make sure they appear on if in the Houston area.

Shout outs or last words??

Really want to shout out Rad Rich, Flash Gordon Parks, Mr. Goodbar, D.J. Soulone, The Hue, D.J. Jon Doe, Morpheus Soul Show, That Boom Bap show (The Sphere TV), Ian Charles, D-Solo (Street Flava), D.J. Rock Vader Daddy-O, Russ Merit, Marley Marl. All of the listeners who tune in regularly each week and more importantly you MRC Promotions for recognizing us!

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