Happy New Year from Paris, France! Welcome to DJ RONSHA & G-ZON Show Mixtape #250 specializing in boombap wholly. Check international dopeness support real hip hop share and follow the links below.

1- Kesta x Djar One (Beats House Records) “Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro”
2- Phil Da Beat & DJ Tricky “We Got The Funk” (feat. Krazy Drayz of Das EFX & Kool Taj The Gr8)
3- The Dead Poetz Society x Doz La Don “So Cold” [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
4- Mic Bles x DJ Hectik “The Truth”
5- MP, Vokab & Confidence “Don’t Leave/Where Do We Go From Here?”
6- Mickey Diamond “Teflon Tactics”
7- Cainaan “Positive Over Negative” (feat. Masta Ace & DJ Rest)
8- Ambush Tactics “One Sided”
9- Jizzm High Definition & Soul King “Be Great” (feat. Rakaa of Dilated Peoples)
10- Freddie Black & Ras Beats “Hands Up” (feat. M-Dot)
11- Squeegie O x Blaq Knight “Bumflee Bogard” (feat. Egon Doe)
12- Passport Gift x Parks “Christmas Day” (feat. Rasheed Chappell & Jeremy Kolmin)
13- Nas “Wave Gods” (feat. A$AP Rocky & DJ Premier)
14- Frank Nitt “Easy” (feat. Guilty Simpson)
15- All Hail Y.T x Sharp “Al Green & The O’Jays”
16- A-God The Old Soul & Whiskeyman “Honest Pour”
17- Blaq Poet x DJ MattyLite “Animal Instinct” (feat. Tone Spliff)
18- St. Ivan The Terrible “The Eulogy”
19- Daniel Son x Futurewave “Full Moon”
20- Zagnif Nori “Grand Strategy” (feat. King Author & DJ Enyoutee)
21- Righteous “As If” (feat. AKX & G Fox)
22- RhymeStyleTroop x Tone Spliff “Purpose” (feat. Edo. G) [Cuts by Tone Spliff]
23- Bugsy H. “Ski Lift” (feat. Fatlip & M-Dot)
24- Mike Titan, IQ & Zcience Division “What You Know”
25- Japreme Magnetic “Gold Coast Cafe”
26- Merakai “Knighted” (feat. Skyzoo, Hype & Chinch 33)
27- Cousin Feo, Lord Juco & Giallo Point “English Emissaries”
28- Nowaah The Flood x D-Styles (World Famous Beat Junkies) “Game Tight” (feat. Ca$ablanca)
29- St. Ivan The Terrible “This World’s Gone Mad!” (feat. Don Streat)
30- Mickey Diamond “The Mask”
31- D.Mar x Mesidge “Esperanza” (feat. Hitfarmers)
32- Jamal Gasol x Kool Majorz “Make Amends” (feat. Skyzoo)
33- Pounds “Waste Management” (feat. Bub Styles)
34- L-Biz x Castle Money Beats “Night At The Improv” (feat. K-Prez)
35- Benefit of EMS x Ron Champagne “Bad Santa” [Cuts by DJ Decepta]
36- F1rst Class (Billie Essco x Jae Skeese) “Flint$” (feat. JROPdead)
37- Jay Nice & Ru$h “Rhude”
38- Hip Hop HeadUcatorz “Christmas Cheer”

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IMAGE: DJ Ronsha