Peace 60 East where’s home?

Anywhere off the 60 East lol, Just kidding. Home for me is the 909, Ontario/Chino/Pomona area, which is considered the Inland Empire, but also borders Los Angeles.

How long have you’ve been emceeing?

Well I have been rapping/writing raps since the 3rd grade. I was performing and doing shows here and there in High School and after but I didnt actually lace boots and start doing music/shows/touring for a “living” until 2010. But I have been making music since around the 5th grade and through out my whole life, so depending on what your definition of Emceeing is, the question should have been answered lol.

Why THOPFEST and who came up the idea? Location??

I always liked throwing shows, as my former label “First Dirt” we would throw shows around the United States and always played with the idea of throwing a Festival. After performing at a bunch of Festivals around the World like Paid Dues in San Bernardino, Hip Hop Kemp in the Czech Repiblic, and A3C in Atlanta I started getting inspired to start a Festival.

In 2017 the opportunity presented itself and I went for it and came up with the concept for “The Happiness of Pursuit” (by myself) and now we are working on our 4th annual event. The event has been held in my Hometown of Ontario, California since we started.

How do you come up with the funding?? Any setbacks?

Funding has been kind of a blessing coming from various Sponsors that believed in the vision and also my personal rap money lol. Setbacks range every year but I would say year 1 had the most problems just because we didn’t know what to expect, the team was new and didn’t have much experience but now being on the 4th event we kinda have it figured out to a science and have involved some key people to the team that have really helped us out as far as the presentation and production go. Some notable setbacks are Missed Flights, Radius Clause issues, Cancelations and lack of staff.

Who where some of the headliners for this year festival?? Sponsors?

This years headliners included Sick Jacken, Conway and Benny The Butcher, Skyzoo, Sa-roc, Gavlyn, Trizz and Chuuwee, Vel The Wonder and myself 60 East and Friends. Sponsors included Firewater Cantina, Chino Aircraft Interiors and Fausto’s Bail Bonds.

Any standout moments?

Tons of stand out moments: 1) I brought out surprise guest Self Provoked and Elzhi of Slum Village 2) Conway got emotional and started crying on stage 3) Skyzoo brought out surprise guest Illa Ghee .

Are you in the studio? Any new projects?

Yes, now that the Festival is done I am back in the studio getting ready to release a bunch of new music ranging from Singles to Ep’s and possibly an album. Some of the producers that have been confirmed for these upcoming projects include Phil the Pain, Curtiss King, Eric G and Khrysis of the Soul Council and the legendary Evidence of the Dilated Peoples crew.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself touring the world off of my music and throwing one of the dopest Hip Hop Festivals in the World in my Hometown. In the next 5 year I would have also liked to have written a few Books/ScreenPlays, launched a successful clothing brand and own buy my own House.

Words or advice or shout outs??

Work harder, like for real, work harder than you have ever worked. Be smarter, write down your goals and make a plan and start checking them off one at a time. Lifes pretty simple once you figure out what you want out of it and how you are going to do it.

Shout out to all the people that have been supporting me from day 1 and the people that been supporting since the first day they met me. Shout out to everybody that is supporting the Festival and all my fans/friends from around the world, I love yall for real, we almost there!

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