First generation Detroit-Serb MC Valid’s upcoming album “Mihajlo” drops next month May 3rd. In this interview he tells a story about Ma Dukes (J Dilla) and what he’s up too when not lacing dope tracks.. check it..

Greatest emcee in your opinion? The Goat?

This changes everyday. But I usually tend to say Slick Rick. Reason being is I think if he’s not the GOAT, then he has to be the most influential MC ever. No ones lines, songs, and etc. have been recreated or redone more so than Rick’s. Plus his style and attitude, I think he’s like the Ric Flair of Hip-Hop, the one cat that influenced us all regardless if we know it or not.

Where do you usually find new music?

Usually through IG or youtube. Also, got a couple of my DJ friends who put me on to new joints.

Favourite non-music related thing to do?

Watch wrestling/play WWE video games with the homies, or watch some kinda crazy murder documentaries on Netflix.

Last song you had on repeat?

Illa J- Enjoy The Ride

Favorite piece of audio gear? Do you have a lab??

I don’t have a lab like I used to, I don’t make beats…. but as an MC I gotta say the Mic.

Most embarrassing moment during a show?

I have stepped on the microphone cord a few times which in turn snatches the mic out of my hand, every one laughed, that sucked lol.

If there was a zombie apocalypse and you could grab one thing what would it be?

Wow, I got a custom made painting of J Dilla that was gifted to his mom Ma’ Dukes that she had in her home for many years after he passed, she gave it to me. Well, I actually I won it but she told me she wanted me to win the raffle lol. Then she signed it for me and we have had good conversations prior and after that so I say that piece it means a lot to me. I wish I knew what part of the world it came from, the artist signed it at the bottom right corner.. but it’s kinda hard to make out.

Favorite food??

Pizza and Serbian food.

Your long-term goals and motivations.

I want to see where this music takes me, its my love and all I ever seen myself doing. At the same time though, I would also like to settle down and have a couple mini-Valid’s runnin around, get old, and enjoy life. Being able to provide a comfortable life for your loved ones I think is everyone’s goals and motivations. I just would love to say I do it by doing something I truly enjoy, and not by forcing myself to go to some 9-5 I could careless for.

Shout outs or last words of advice??

Thank you for reaching out to me for the interview! Y’all can follow me on ALL social media or platforms @Valid313, and grab merchandise and keep up to do date on new videos and stuff at… S/o all my people they know who they are. And my advice is, just let it come to you. Put your effort in being the best YOU you can be in whatever it is you want to be great at, the rest needs to come to you. Don’t chase your dreams, let your dreams come to you through hard work, discipline, and practice. Peace!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Valid