After many years of military service Michael aka Intellect says he’s facing a new battlefield and it’s called hip hop. In this interview the emcee explains his views on today’s rap, becoming and actor, releasing new music to recently winning The American Tracks Music Award and more..

Peace Intellect where’s home?

I’m from Pensacola, FL.

Your first experience with hip hop?

I started very early teens loving the lyricism in hip hop. NWA, Rakim, Krs-One are the prolific professors that made me want to expand my message, I just was to young to know what that was.

Explain the concept behind Soul Electric?

Soul Electric is my newest release alongside Sound Alive Records own E Smitty. This jazz fusion with hip hop just makes us beasts in the hip hop world. I enjoyed making this record with Smitty, we took pride in the sound, the message and the vibe being put out. I wanted something addictive for the listeners and I know this single is gonna make waves for new fans. I like to step out the box in my music but the message still stays consistent throughout the whole song.

What would you say as an indie artist your having the most challenge with?

Having to compete for what is truly defined as “hip hop”, message is missing and hip hop used to give you that edge you needed in any given situation and I feel like today’s hip hop is so easy to define, women, cars, strip clubs. It’s a bit insulting, hip hop is more than just things, its about the atmosphere.

What social network works best for you?

I’m all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. They all work well for my messaging.

What do you feel about today’s hip hop game is it changing?

In what ways? Yes, content wise. Message and encouragement is missing. I don’t feel empowered or motivated to build my higher brand with this current hip hop. It’s very commercialized.

Long term goals?

Besides the continuation of making great music, I will be touring more, building my brand on a higher extent and be an opener for another hip hop artist. Anything outstanding happen to you over summer you’d like to share? My best friend finished a short documentary on me called “LECT” released on you tube has over 600 views and growing.

I signed onto to a movie called ‘CHAAW’, I play a lead character should be released next year. I have new music backed by ‘Sound Alive Records’ for distribution that will be released this month actually, I plan to tour several venues on the east coast. Just recently received a American Tracks Awards for my song “Fonics” with my good buddy Kay Flow..I’ve been working.

Last song you had on repeat?

Another independent artist name J. Nolan, yo his flow on Django is ridiculous..

Favorite super hero or villain?

I have two actually, Wolverine from Weapon X and Batman.

Shout out or last words??

Shout out to Skelly Productions and Sweet Spot Studios for producing those hits for me, my brothers Kay Flow and DJ CFC, my best friend Christianne Williams, Cap, Kevin Bowie, Taylor Bandit and Sound Alive Records. One Team, One Fight.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Intellect