Indianapolis’ prolific underground rapper Skypp shares today his latest music video for “Fix Yo’ Crown, ” co-directed by Skypp, Josh Jonez, and Rhymefest, off his recently released album KING OF INDIANA.

For the track, Skypp teamed up with longtime Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest along with Indianapolis natives soulful singer Allison Victoria and skilled jazz musician Jared Thompson, each showcasing their talents. The video depicts a story of Skypp performing at a cabaret club.

He soon meets a down on his luck Rhymefest at the bar and shares his own struggles. The smooth jazz beat and carefully crafted lyrics remind listeners that no matter your walk of life, you are still royalty in your core and to use that power carefully.

“We live in a time where people are realizing their worth. Ownership, confidence, self-love and wealth are in abundance. It’s a beautiful thing. But like the lyrics say, “with power comes corruption.” For every step up, there’s a force trying to make you go backwards.

This song is for the people who face those battles daily. You’re a target because you’re a threat. Stay focused and never let them get the best of you. Pick your head up and Fix Yo’ Crown.”

KING OF INDIANA debuted in both the iTunes and Amazon Top 15 rap albums, making this Skypp’s third consecutive solo album to reach the iTunes charts.

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