Globetrotting DJ/MC Dynamax has been on the move, MRC follows up with this multi-talented producer and emcee to get the inside scoop on his most recent project with super group Years Of The Canine ‘Under Dog Nation Vol.1″ release.

Peace DYNAMAX, for those that don’t know you tell them where you from?

Yo Yo Yo whats going on world, it’s your friendly neighbor hood rocker Hip-hopper from the South Bronx NYC, that lived in Chicago, Paris, London. Yup mouth full hahaha…

How would you define your music to somebody not familiar with it?

Out the box completely, look at it this way when they asked.. what do you want to be when you grow up, I knew at 13 I’d always wanted to be me , strange kid.. my sound is afro, punk, funk, grunge, blues ,hiphop, alternative rock, we put alot of love in this BABY!!

What was the inspiration behind Years of The Canine ‘Under Dog Nation Vol. 1’ and who are the other producers involved?

I got bored with the every day stuff and expected sound, and since i was in UK for personal and business reasons I ended up hanging out around iconic rock legend Kris Needs who has been a friend for many years.. me and him wanted to work on a project even though he was super bizzy.. non stop writing for major press and books, one day his friend Dom Beken comes over, he’s a giant in the electronic world with the Orb etc… how ever we all end up at Dom’s studio in a small village known as The Great Misenden right outside London in the UK.

I recorded 3 songs on Dom & Alex Paterson’s ‘HFB’ album then me and Kris recorded our piece with Dom called ‘Lose your Mind’, it’s like Public Enemy meets punk rock an Prodigy, a wild after party on a record… this started a fire, then me and Dom Beken connected.

This man is a super producer multi instrumentalist as well as master engineer, I had no idea I had met my match when it comes to ideas. We made more tracks an kept inviting friends on the album. All friends that come with their name and platinum stacks respectfully, Dom added Mr. Guy Pratt Pink Floyd’s live bassist out of his phone book, aside from Pink Floyd ,Guy worked on the history lp of the late great Micheal Jackson you name happy to have him on ‘Wars in Love’ he is a comedian too. His skit is super funny you will laugh when you hear the album.

Dom brought on the off-spring of iconic Killing Jokes late bassist Paul Raven’s HEADCOUNT.. they are sick man when it comes to (Mosh Pit) punk rock… that’s them on the videos ‘No Evil’,’Resurrected Angel’ and the last single ‘Long Ride’.. then it was my turn, I called Afrika Bambaataa God father of hip hop for the interlude who was on tour with Gotcha (band) in Holland.

I got uncle Mike Clip Pane from PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC for another word on the lp, ‘Phone Call’… it goes out to my Rhyme Syndicate family created by Ice T. DONALD D The Hip Hop Titan appears on The Fun House Adventure’.. then we needed a name for our crazy cast of legends and super group, I found something Kris wrote on a project of mine ‘Years Of The Canine’ so we loved it and ran with it.. the lp is ‘Underdog Nation Vol. 1’…

The single ‘Resurrected Angel’ was it the first release? Will there be Youtube releases for all the songs?

Yes that was the very first one we got an Award from AKADEMIA Organization in Los Angeles for best song Rock Rap of Jan 2016. Thanks to our lable OMo Records Entertainment & Management LLC and yes we have more idea’s for other videos next year.

Can you tell us a little about the movie “Untitled”? There was a London viewing? How did ‘No Evil’ get chosen for the film?

The funniest title for one, yes the premier was hot totally enjoyed it thanks to my sponsors.. it was a last minute operation for me to get over there.. thanks to our manager Carrie Dowd over at oMo Entertainment for getting on the case organizing my clothing sponsor Threaded Culture out of ATL, and for getting tickets booked for the United Kingdom round trip!

The movie is a thriller, suspense, action, comedy produced by Chris Loizou ,there was a full house at the Prince Charles theater in London ,all cast were to support the film, spoiler alert special guest iconic model Kate Moss was there too, as she supported the film and is mentioned on credits ‘Love it’.

Dom did the entire score execpt a couple of songs… they had a space in the film where they needed something close to the edge of panic, ‘No Evil’ would be that perfect fit. Dom asked me what I thought at that time of production, I said of course my plan became drop the album after, while i was there we shot the video for ‘No Evil’ and recorded a new song towards the next album.. that’s a lot for a few days but we did it.

Is acting in films something we can expect from you in the future?

Maybe so i did and independant film called The Tele Base A science fiction short film,
but maybe later i will jump on board film projects who knows whats in the cards i keep an open eye always.

We heard you dig vinyl? What are your top five record spots.. locations??

AAaaaaaaaaawwww that is the one question I can never answer, as a student of Kool Dj Herc The father of HipHop Culture I can never tell where the source of my materials come from.. thats why he would take a marker an black out the lable so no one can know.. quote of Public Enemy’s Rebel With Out A Pause ( No Tellin where we get our Rhythm From) lol ,where ever I see wax I’m in there for a long time.

Do you accept demos or do collabs??

Not at this time too bizzy with the Canine album, collabs that is for my team to sort out but i am open as long as the business is good.

How can radio dj’s, promoters & booking agents get in contact with you?

Yes thank you for asking for all request please make sure to reach out directly to C.E.O. Carrie Dowd at oMo Entertainment & Management LLC.

Any words of advice or shoutouts?

Never let no one stop you from achieving your dreams no matter what people say trust me, been around the world more than 40 times.. never let any one stop you. Shout outs to MRC Promotions thank you so much ,Carrie Dowd, king Kay Dee OUTTHERE ,GM T.C. IZLAM, HIPSTEP MASSIVE.ORG, HELLZ FLAME, DJ Shauna Slevin, Pierre, Wiseblood, Kris Needs, N. Stanger, HEADCOUNT – GUY PRATT-DONALD D – ICE T- UNCLE CLIP-MONTE CRISTO -KARO LA BRAS- DEE JAY PH -LADY WISDOM-DJ STANUN GANGSTAVILLE RADIO-KOOL HERC ,DXT-LORD JAZZ – DO IT ALL MARIO – MC K., ANGIE & MARK CROOT, SUZANNE DOWD, R.I.P. PAPA PAT DOWD, MALD ACADEMY AMIR BROOKS KJ -SMILEY, AARON GUM, EMMA WALKER ,LISA TAYLOR, MARISHA & JAMALSKI ZULU MONK- IKWON SASSYBEA. WORLDWIDE INC. SLAMMY SLAM SEB…

MRCNNLIVE W/ DJ/MC Dynamax Part 1 here.

1. No Evil (3:22)
2. Long Ride (3:17)
3. A Practical Demonstration of Problem Inherent in the Music Industry (1:24)
4. Wars in Love (3:50)
5. The Funhouse Adventure (3:27)
6. Animated Survey (1:10)
7. Look Out (5:11)
8. Escape Plan (4:40)
9. Lose Your Mind (3:38)
10. Resurrected Angel (3:37)
11. Phone Call (0:43)
12. Different Kind of Animal (6:20)
13. Under Dog Nation (5:32)

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IMAGE: Dynamax/Years Of The Canine