Undeniably dancehall, Lionrock Riddim will get your feet and body moving no matter how still you think you want to be.. this particular track gets your head in the game too, with vocal contributions from Jamaican toasters P. Nyne and Adonis. With a combination of a lyrical sing-songy bounce and a personal quality to the socially conscious narrative that draws you right in, it’s a little slice of reggae hard candy that can’t help but make you smile.

While the subject matter is popular in its own right, the delivery is what sells it: an impassioned rap over a hypnotic riddim that cuts straight to the heart by way of the brain and the feet. You can imagine that it would be as much at home on the British underground as it would be in a Jamaican dance-hall. The song itself stands out as the style draws on influences that combine hip hop, rap and dub, and though it flows right on through the collection of songs that share the same riddim, it can’t help but get stuck in your craw.

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Liontown Records