Dynamax is an iconic DJ and MC who came out of NYC and exploded onto the European scene in the early 90’s representing hip hop culture on the other side of the pond. He became the hip hop ambassador and cultural specialist to the United States Embassy in Paris.

This official appointment allowed him to tour in thirteen countries as a DJ and emcee, he has worked with and influenced many legends of the genre, going on to teach the culture and techniques of hip hop in high schools, colleges and outreach programs all over the world. MRC recently caught up with Dynamax, who took time from his busy schedule to let us get to know him a little better and catch us up on what he’s been up to lately…

For those who don’t know of you can you tell us where your from and where is home?

Hey what’s up, thanks for having me on, I was born and raised in the Bronx ..and for a few years in my teens I lived in Chicago with my dad and late step mom R.I.P. then by 18 I moved back to NYC.

If you could pick one in your career what would be your most defining moment?

I got connected with the U.S. Embassy base in Paris France and was asked to be a music ambassador and that allowed me to tour 13 countries as Dj & MC as the 1st U.S. hip hop artist to do this.. I felt I raised the bar.

Did you start out as a b-boy? Which came first Djing or Emceeing? How old where you?

I tried to b-boy when I was 12 and 13 lol.. I had a few moves up rocking then back spin and freeze lol.. I realize I could not do it as good as others and found out I was better at what I learned the fastest the dj element an then the m.c. element of hip hop… and because I could free-style good, and because my friends in the hood thought so.. I stuck with them both and at 17 started producing tracks.

Can you tell us some of the folks you came up with.. and did you have mentors?

I grew up watching my older brother Keith Kj Jones the 1st Dj /Emcee in the family and Kool Dj Herc that was the inspiration in the Bronx.

In Chicago I teamed up with a few crews one being called UP POSSE my boy Rokbox alias Bo Action introduced me to many good crews and producers like Double from Hardwest Entertainment and Mc K Rock Ski she became my emcee. I took the roll Dj producer and added Top Notch and Juba, we became rap group Basehit and gave demos to Public Enemy an Ultra Magnetic..

What keeps you creating music or what inspires you?

Life, things keep happening shocking things night clubs getting shot up in France ,Florida
shooting stars, I saw so much in 27 countries I toured.. and living in Europe for over 20 years change how my brain works it gave me giant ideas on writing and creating sound.

What was the first label you signed to? Did you get paid an advancement? How old where you?

Polydor Poylgram, I got an advance it was for a compilation deal with my first group produced in New York I was 21 years old.

If you could pick one, what was the dopest show you ever performed at?

That is a hard question I have two.. if I had to narrow them down into one wow, Mauritania Africa there were 4000 people coming to see me I was so happy 2000 waiting before show even started. If I could cheat I would say Paris Zenith concert 6000…

You traveled alot of different places can you tell us what country receives you the best? Your biggest fan base?

That would fall to France..

What kinds of music are you creating now and where can we find you?

I started a super group called Years of the Canine a punk alternative grunge hip hop with multi platinum musician Dom Beken & Head Count, Guy Pratt from Pink Floyd family and Rock n Roll Iconic Legend Kris Needs.

We have a single and video out now called Resurrected Angel released on OMO ENTERTAINMENT, executive produced by Carrie Dowd & Dom Beken.. we got an award for this title from Akademia based in California as best song rock rap of 2016 January.

Any words of wisdom for artist in game looking to make a career from music?

Please study, first learn about publishing, royalties.

Shout outs?

Hipstep Massive family, legend Grand Master Tc Izlam, Donald D my Rhyme Syndicate family ,kaydee (outhere) Carrie Dowd, R.I.P. my Step Mom Margaret Edmontson, Kool Dj Herc father of hip hop Monte Cristo p-funk management, Dom Beken, Lord Jazz (Lords of the underground ) Hellz flame -J Reed -Gambizi -40 Cal – Aaron Gum dj Stanun Gangstaville Radio Karoline – Menu controller the boner -Nes Pounta Mald Academy Amir Brooks. HEADCOUNT, YEARS OF THE CANINE & you MRC Promotions massive respect!!

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Dj MC Dynamax