With all the drama going on in the world today it’s nice to have a good laugh in fun..recently the team came across
this video produced by veteran emcee Kosha Dillz “SPAN-HEBRISH” released in 2015.. needless to say it had us on
the floor..That being said we decided to follow up with an interview.. ladies and gents introducing Kosha Dillz ..

Q. MRCPROMO: Peace K.D. where you from?
A. KOSHADILLZ: New Jersey. Home to the greatest rappers in my opinion.

Q. MRCPROMO: How did you get the name Kosha Dillz?
A. KOSHADILLZ: Literally represented my Jewish culture. I was originally Kosher Dill. Then became KD FLOW once people were heckling me on stage. I felt really bad and went through a weird time in battle rap. I later got heavily involved in drugs. As some type of redemption, the KD went back to its original form of Kosher dill, but became Kosha Dillz. Although it had nothing to do with anything Jewish , besides the name, it became sort of a magnet for certain kind of crowds. It hasn’t broke since then and I have kept it.

Q: MRCPROMO: In your opinion what would be your most outstanding accomplishment in your career?
A. KOSHADILLZ: I think getting clean and sober of over 12 years so far, and creating a name for myself and never giving up. I have had a Billboard charting album. I curate my own SXSW showcases. I write for various publications. I am working on a movie. Toured around the word. Lived on a tour bus. Had a super-bowl commercial license. The best is yet to come.

Q: MRCPROMO: Your musical influences?
A. KOSHADILLZ: A mix of Beastie Boys, Biggie Smalls, Metallica, Matisyahu, The Cool Kids, Kid Cudi, Wu Tang, get rich quick schemes, jewish pop culture, and my friends who make music.

Q: MRCPROMO: Favorite Food?
A. KOSHADILLZ: Schnitzel

Q: MRCPROMO: If you could could collab with anyone in the world who’d it be? Artist??
A. KOSHADILLZ: Kid Cudi right now. The dude is a gem.

Q: MRCPROMO: Remy Ma ‘Shether’?
A. KOSHADILLZ: I haven’t even heard it yet. I am more into the memes it has produced.

Q: MRCPROMO: What are you currently working on? Tour?
A. KOSHADILLZ: Everything is all on OY VEY USA tour. it is my first headlining tour. I am doing some cool stuff and my show has evolved into a great world of entertainment on stage. I suggest if you want an experience, come to the show! It has free pickles as well, tons of interesting story telling, and lots of live stream free styling. OY VEY USA!

Tour Dates:
4.10 Milwaukee Chabad Milwaukee, WI
4.11 Congregation Or Shalom Vernon Hills, IL
Kosha Dillz speaks on his personal story of addiction and escape from slavery!
4.12 Cactus Club Milwaukee, WI
4.14 Matzahchella – right outside the Ferris Wheel at the Kosha Dillz // Shabbat Tent RSVP
4.15 Matzahchella – right outside the Ferris Wheel at the Kosha Dillz // Shabbat Tent RSVP
4.17 Middle East Club Boston, MARSVP
4.18 Knitting Factory Brooklyn, NYRSVP
4.27 The Space Hamden, CT
4.28 Ortlieb’s Philadelphia, PA
4.30 The Low Beat Albany, NY
5.1 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
5.3 Evening Star Concert Hall Niagara Falls, NY
5.4 Diesel Club Pittsburgh, PA
5.6 The Basement Columbus OH
6.14. Deli Days Boise, ID
6.15 Deli Days Boise, ID

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