Justis Hype is the owner and founder of Stainless Marketing & Promotions Management and Mind Power Ent. He’s managed and worked behind the scenes with many iconic hip-hop entities. Some of Justis’s management clients, artist & dJ booking roster include Krumb Snatcha, Cormega, AZ, Bow Tie Gang, Avrex and Stainless Supreme DJ’s. In this interview he discusses his strategies and some challenges of managing artists. Aside from being down to earth and a real genuine dude, if you love classic underground hip-hop like we do.. Justis’s story is one you’ll want to read up on…

Can you tell us about how and when you began managing your first client?

I technically began managing artists in college around 98-99. I was barely knowledgeable of the business but eager and willing to listen and learn from those who had more experience. Since I haven’t focused on managing artist as much as managing artist projects which I find more fulfilling and enjoyable at this time.

Are there requirements for an artist before signing them to management?

Definitely. First we make sure the artist has at minimum some basic understanding of the music business and how it works to avoid misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations. Next the artist must have something tangible that makes management necessary.

How involved are you with your artists creative decisions?

Very little. Most of my creative input comes from working in the studio with artists or when I am asked to critique or lend creative input. I try to stay out of the creative space of others as much as possible. I write, paint and explore the arts myself so I respect the creative expression of all artists.

When you first sign an artist to management, what are the first things you do for them? Do you have a strategy?

It depends on the artist and their individual needs. Usually we make sure the content is presentable to the public and the business platform is properly intact before any release to the public. There is definitely a strategy but it always depends on the situation and the individual involved.

Who are some or the artist that you manage? Your clients?

Right now the primary client is BTG, an upcoming MC from Saginaw Michigan. As I mentioned before Im not focused on artist management solely.

What are your working hours like?

When my eyes open til when they close.

Most memorable moment in this business good or bad?

Getting a phone call to tell me my name is in the credits of a Wu Tang Clan album. I always loved Wu Tang coming up and having the chance to work with elements of their organization was definitely a huge dream come true.

Where do you hope to see your business in the next couple of years?

As a premier contributor of urban culture and society. We are not focused on music. There are books to be release and we have established a clothing line. Next is film and visual arts. We will also continue giving back to the community via charitable projects and events.

Any other hidden skills or talents we should know about?

I think the world will see shortly. Im actually looking to release some music of my own for a special project ive been working on for years along with a few other things up my sleeve. Skies the limit really…

Last words of advice or shout outs?

You must love whatever you choose to do or else it will eventually become a burden. Don’t expect anything to just come easily or be given freely. Success requires hard work and sacrifices. Shouts to my Stainless Empire family. Mind Power Entertainment and everyone who has been supportive over the last 20 years of being involved in this business. 1Love!!

Track Listing:
1. Commission Intro [Prod. By DJ Wiz]
2. Breathe
3. Bow Ties
4. Always
5. Workin Man [Prod By. DJ Wiz]
6. Skanbino Mob Interview
7. Hit Money
8. Ray Ban Boss
9. Whack Friday
10. Stack Season
11. Forget It [Prod By. DRMLND] listen download
12. No Dope Outro

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EDITOR: La Mont Reed
IMAGE: Justis Hype